The Kids In The Hall's DEATH COMES TO TOWN In Promo Form!

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The Kids In The Hall's DEATH COMES TO TOWN In Promo Form!
Death may be coming to town but before it arrives there, death is making a wee stop on the internet.  Death Comes To Town is the new miniseries from The Kids In The Hall, an overtly League Of Gentlemen inspired affair in which the kids will populate an entire town themselves and tell one continuous story through the use of interlocking sketches and characters.  And the first - very funny, indeed - promo has just arrived online.  And, in a total reversal of the way these things normally work, it exists in a geo-blocked player so that only us Canucks can see it.  Suck that, America.

Actually, no.  Not really.  If you're anywhere outside of Canada I recommend that you simply do a google search to find a Canada-based IP Proxy - there are loads out there - and get around the geo-blocking that way.  If not, there is also a bad cam job bootleg version on YouTube that I will embed below. But really ... Canadians should proceed directly to the link below to see it in good quality while all others should take the five minutes it'll take to reset their internet connection to see it as intended. 
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