Second trailer for Our Masha and Magical Nut

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Second trailer for Our Masha and Magical Nut
With second trailer arriving for Our Masha and Magical Nut (Наша Маша и Волшебный Орех, Nasha Masha i Volshebnyj Orekh), the 7-years story of production seems finally came to an end. And this trailer look better than the first one.

The movie changed several titles during production, such as: Nutcracker, Krakatuk, Magical Nut, Our Masha in Magical Land, Our Masha in Strawberry Land, Our Masha and Magical Nut. And the concept of the movie was changed dramatically several times: from children's to teen story, that can be interesting for grown-ups also.

It's not clear even for me as Russian, why Masha is "our". The only guess coming into my mind is that they took refrain from Agnia Barto's poetry for 3-4 yrs old children. And if this is a movie for children than why the main heroine is so sexually appealing (look at the boobs and naked tummy on the poster).

Well, I have more questions than answers. Probably the movie, that finally opens in Russian theater on 10 December 2009, can give me some answers or more likely confuse me more.
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Ard VijnNovember 22, 2009 8:20 AM

Parts of it look very good, parts of it look pants, all of it looks like Shrek ten years ago did.

Then again, I liked the first Shrek...

But with the dated "cutesy" cgi, this does look like a Nintendo game.

nekrosomaNovember 23, 2009 1:41 PM

please stop. this is absolutely terrible. like watching a pony in agony bleeding to death. no more.