Queen Raquela is English friendly on DVD

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Queen Raquela is English friendly on DVD
The semi documentary The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela has been touring the festivals ever since it won the Teddy Awards at last year's Berlin Film Festival and was up against Scandinavian powerhouse Lars Von Trier and ScreenAnarchy favorite Sauna in the Nordic Film Awards. The film has been raking in awards and is now available on DVD straight from the filmmaker Olafur DeFleur Johannesson (The Higher Force, Circle Drawers).
There is a catch though, if you are in the US and are interested in purchasing this film on DVD or as a download, well then you're out of luck. The film is slated for a US DVD release early next year (january I think) from Regent Releasing so DeFleur and company can't sell it to you. Everyone else, go nuts.

The film chronicles the real life Filipino lady boy Raquela Rios and her quest to find a lover and who can take her away to Europe to experience her dream. That quest gets her to Iceland and then later to France where she meets up with the man who is behind the internet porn site she works for. Will romance bloom? Well you have to watch it to find out.

The film is available as a download or as a english friendly special edition DVD with some nice extras, english commentary, making of and such.
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