Little Girl Flies South In Dutch Kids' Fantasy EEP!

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Little Girl Flies South In Dutch Kids' Fantasy EEP!
Can we continue this trend towards physical effects, please?  Spike Jonze demonstrated rather well what can still be done with (dominantly) physical effects in his Where The Wild Things Are and now following along behind in a somewhat similar vein is Dutch / Belgian co-production Eep! from director Ellen Smit.  It is the story of a couple who discover a young creature who appears to be a little girl with wings instead of arms.  They decide to raise her as their own child but when the seasons change, the bird side comes out and it is time to fly away south ...

Currently scheduled for a February release, Smit's film has a wonderfully tangible approach to its effects, a certain clumsiness to the wings and flight that make them both so much more believable.  Take a look at the first teaser below.
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