Is Federico Alvarez' PANIC ATTACK headed to the big screen? Sam Raimi knows!

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Is Federico Alvarez' PANIC ATTACK headed to the big screen? Sam Raimi knows!
ATAQUE DE PANICO aka PANIC ATTACK, by burgeoning filmmaker/fx artist Fedirco Alvarez may be coming to the big screen.
In a story that mirrors Peter Jackson's snapping up Neil Blomkamp to remake and expand his short film ALIVE IN JOBURG, turning it into the hit feature DISTRICT 9, it seems that Sam Raimi and Ghost House Pictures have signed up Mr. Alvarez to make a sci-fi film with a 30-40 million dollar budget. Whether this film will indeed be an upgrade to Mr. Alvarez's acclaimed short (more of a set piece really, than anything with a clear narrative)  or something wholly original is not yet known.
The question being asked right now out there in cyberland among the geeks and fanboys is if PANIC ATTACK can indeed be expanded into something strong enough to support an entire feature. Since there really was no story in the original short, should it indeed be PANIC ATTACK they are making, the canvas is wide open.
I was floored by the original vision, with it's semi-retro look, staggering fx work, and slick editing. It's one big slab of serious eye candy. If the tone can be married to a story with some intelligence and originality, we could be in for one massively tasty cinematic treat. Here's hoping!

Check out PANIC ATTACK below if you missed here the other two times we ran it. yep, I posted it a second time accidentally, and ScreenAnarchy overlord Todd Brown said "Leave it! It deserves to be run twice!" Third times a charm eh? Enjoy.
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AbiodumNovember 29, 2009 5:31 PM

Wow, this short is terrific !

thirsty&miserableNovember 29, 2009 8:26 PM

I don't really get it. It looks great but seems completely empty to me. Very well done, but just looks like the latest Emmerich/Bay CGI fest to me.

Greg ChristieNovember 29, 2009 10:13 PM

What comes to mind when I see this is. "Shit. I need to get a new, stronger computer and get my ass back in school to learn digital effects and animation." I'm dying to know what the budget was for this, it's amazing that only two animators and one post FX guy were listed in the credits. These kind of effects can be done with only 3 people working on them? How long did it take? Was this a labor of love that took 3 years to animate and render? What types of computers were used?

This is more of a demo reel than anything else. Incredibly slick and impressive, but also really unimaginative, it didn't wow me nearly as much as the District 9 short. But still... If this kind of stuff can be done on prosumer level equipment with the right training, I need to learn how stat.

SwarezNovember 29, 2009 10:18 PM

If this had a narrative like Blomkamp's shorts and good quality narrative then I would be more interested in seeing what this guy has to offer. Right now it's just a FX showreel.