AFM 09: Nishimura, Iguchi, Sono, Miike And Shimomura Whip Up A Sushi Typhoon!

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AFM 09:  Nishimura, Iguchi, Sono, Miike And Shimomura Whip Up A Sushi Typhoon!
Break out the rain slickers, kids, because there's a massive spray of blood on the horizon.  Japan's Nikkatsu studios have just announced the creation of Sushi Typhoon, a goofily titled new sub-label that will exist to create the sort of "violent, popular works that only Japanese cinema has engendered", according to producer Yoshinori Chiba.  And who will be leading this charge?  Only the likes of Sion Sono, Takashi Miike, Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, and Death Trance director Yuji Shimomura, whose now in post-production feature Alien Vs Ninja is the first film to be produced under the new banner.

Word is Nikkatsu will be distributing these films themselves in both the US and Japan so expect a steady stream of blood on screens soon.
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Greg ChristieNovember 4, 2009 11:50 PM

Wow. That's actually kinda huge, Nikkastu isn't exactly known for major changes in infrastructure or playing nicely with foreigners... Obviously, they're catering to American/Western audiences with this since these films do better here than there. Guess the recession has Nikkatsu pretty hard too huh? While only the Japanese are crazy enough to produce this stuff, only the Americans (and French) are crazy enough to buy it... I kid, I kid. But apart from Ichi and One Missed Call, I don't think any of Miike's films have done so well in Japan. And wasn't Tokyo Shock pretty much responsible for funding Iguchi and Nishimura?

Here's my suggestion, please, please give Ryu Murakami money to make more films, or at least write more films. Let's not forget that Murakami's brilliant script for Audition is what really put Miike in the limelight. And has anyone here seen Karaoke Terror? It's amazing. And Tokyo Decadence ( as horrifically disturbing as it is) also proved he can direct. Please, Sushi Typhoon, let Ryu make some more films.

Todd BrownNovember 5, 2009 2:03 AM

Actually, Miike's recent stuff has done really well in Japan. Crows Zero held the number one spot for a good while.