Hollywood Knocks at Oshii's Door for Assault Girls Remake?

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Hollywood Knocks at Oshii's Door for Assault Girls Remake?
So now they don't even wait for the film to generate some buzz, they go for the prey's throat right away.

Anyhow, Eiga.com is reporting that, during today's press conference in Shibuya (to announce the film's completion), Oshii confirmed amongst other things that he was already contacted by Hollywood for a possible remake of his latest work アサルトガールズ (Assault Girls) this summer, months before it was even in the can. The director said that Hollywood has the tendency to remake things left and right these days, but he certainly has nothing against the idea, and would even love to see the leading trio (Kikuchi Rinko, Kuroki Meisa, Saeki Hinako) be cast in the film. The three "girls" of the title battle it out in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland against gigantic sand whales, sporting assorted weapons of (likely) mass destruction.

So now we have Spielberg remaking 攻殻機動隊 (Ghost in the Shell), and a possible Assault Girls remake about to come into fruition. What's next, Michael Bay remaking アヴァロン (Avalon)? Assault Girls releases in Japan on December 19.

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