George Miller Has Found His Max

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George Miller Has Found His Max
Tom Hardy is currently in negotiations to play "Mad" Max Rockatansky in Fury Road, the fourth (and endlessly delayed) film in the post-apocalyptic franchise famous for sending dozens of stuntman to the hospital and making it necessary that Bruce Spence appear in every blockbuster geek franchise.

Now Hardy is no stranger to ScreenAnarchy -  we were all recently impressed by his phenomenal turn as Michael "Charles Bronson" Peterson in Nicholas Refn's Bronson - so I expect this news should delight many, along with the fact that it looks like the film is really happening this time

Charlize Theron is also in talks to play "the female lead". Considering Max's track record, I wonder if she'll survive the film. reports.

And to further convince us that he is serious about returning to the 'pocscalyptic wasteland  Australia, Miller has already started building the cars. See the Youtube embed below:
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fhoomOctober 30, 2009 1:32 AM

Tom Hardy is on his way up...wonder how this fits into the previous story? Or is it some kind of re-imagining of the first film? Me still think having Mel back as old man Max would be the coolest way to go.

agent666October 30, 2009 2:46 AM

Hardy was 'on the way up' from moment one. He fucked himself with a drug habit. luckily, it would seem, he got his shit together in time...its good to see Bronson has opened up alot of doors for him.