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Avatar International Trailer

For those that can't wait for the Theatrical Trailer of James Cameron's much anticipated 3D science fiction epic to arrive online (it is currently playing to no one in front of screenings of Fox's Amelia), a International HD version, complete with Thai subtitles, is embedded below.

Now is it just me or do all the live action performers look CG as well? Steven Lang looks particularly plastic. Perhaps it is something to do with the 3D process, which seems to really push the actors into the foreground of the shot, seeming to separate them quite distinctly from background elements. There's a very "composited" effect to the live-action characters, even in scenes that seem like they were shot on real sets.

Jaded CG cynicism aside, Pandora looks absolutely phenomenal and having seen the 16 minute 3D preview, I can attest that the detail paid to the alien Na'vi characters is quite remarkable, especially in the close-ups. Quite often it felt like I was watching a prosthetic and make-up job. (Really, its the story that has me mostly concerned...)

Now treat your eyeballs...

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