A bevy of Thai women kicking ass in the trailer for Thai action film 'Vanquishers'!

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A bevy of Thai women kicking ass in the trailer for Thai action film 'Vanquishers'!
While the premise of the film doesn't break any new ground...

"Genja" CIA's fearsome female agent who has become the target of her own organization after her last covert mission in the Southern Thailand. Fortunately, she somehow survives the assassination. But later she is confronted by an assassin with orders to "take her out at all costs." It would be discovered later that the orders had originated from the CIA itself...

The true joy lies in its promises. Lets face it. If a film promises to show attractive women in form fitting uniforms slicing and shooting their way through a multitude of bad guys including ninjas we'd all say sign us up. Vanquisher does just that. Attractive women? Check. Tight clothes? Check. Guns? Check. Swords? Check. Ninjas? Check. That is a lot of good stuff.

And along with the good there must be some bad. Some really bad visual effects. Some really bad wire work. Some really bad stunts. There looks to a be a whole lot of the biting of the tongue expected. Check out the trailer for yourself!
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