The first annual MIFFF hits Seattle this weekend!

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The first annual MIFFF hits Seattle this weekend!
The first annual Maelstrom Festival Of Fantastic Film kicks off this Friday, Sept. 18, and runs through Sunday evening, Sept. 20. Taking place at the beautiful SIFF Cinema at McCaw Hall in downtown Seattle, MIFFF brings you a huge array of short films from the animnation/fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres in the day programming, and some of the seasons best feature films in the evenings. Head programmer Eric Morgret and myself are proud to present the hilarious and clever zombie opus THE REVENANT as our opener on Friday night. Saturday you can spend the afternoon and early evening checking out our short films programming, which is packaged in genre specific programming blocks, and we cap off the night with an encore Seattle screening of one my favorites of this past year, PIG HUNT (review here).  Sunday closes out with a bang when we screen a couple of local-grown sci-fi treats, TIMETRAVEL_0 and ENDS OF THE EARTH early in the day. Then as evening closes in we bring you UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US, a beautifully made documentary on the infamous Norwegian black metal scene with interviews from the progenitors of the culturally relevant genre. The night ends on a particularly high note with the premiere West Coast screening of Faye Jackson's brilliant Romanian vampire mythos STRIGOI (review here and interview here) So all you greater northwestern cinemainacs please do come out and join us in helping to make the festivals inaugural year a success. Again, I'll be there all weekend introducing some of the films and doing Q and A's with some of the guests, so most surely come up and say "hello" if you see me bouncing around. The full schedule is after the break!


    * 8:00PM     Doors Open / Introduction

    * 8:30PM     Opening Night Films    
          o Death In Charge
          o The Revenant

    * 10:45PM    Opening Night Festivities


    * 11:00AM    Doors Open

    * 12:00PM    Animation / Fantasy Shorts    
          o Egg Robot Momo
          o Enter the Sandbox
          o Gul  (Flower)
          o Skylight
          o The Urge
          o X-Mess Detritus
          o Sunday
          o Firemount
          o The Tree Man
          o Hart
          o Tropezones
          o Milbe  (Mite)

    * 2:30PM     Science Fiction Shorts    
          o The Kirkie
          o Enigma
          o Greenspoke
          o Die Schneider Krankheit  (The Schneider Disease)
          o Mr. Gun

    * 6:00PM     Horror Shorts    
          o aQua ad lavandum - in brevi
          o Cheerbleeders
          o Dead Bones
          o Foet (Director's Cut)
          o Lazarus Taxon
          o The Auburn Hills Breakdown
          o The Ugly File
          o Thirsty

    * 8:30PM     Horror Films    
          o The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon
          o Pig Hunt


    * 11:00AM    Doors Open

    * 11:30AM    Seattle Sci-Fi    
          o TimeTravel_0
          o The Ends Of The Earth

    * 2:30PM     Fantasy Shorts    
          o La Glacière Rouge  (The Red Icebox)
          o Der Weltenbauer  (The Builder Of Worlds)
          o Badewanne zum Glück  (Bathtub To Happiness)
          o Fantastic Magnifico
          o The Delivery

    * 6:00PM     Documentary    
          o Until The Light Takes Us

    * 8:30PM     Closing Night Films    
          o Virtual Dating
          o Strigoi

Please visit the official site for more information.
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madamecurrySeptember 16, 2009 12:16 PM

I hope the Revenant was edited since it's last showing at Crypticon, it could loose about 20min and still be very effective, fun film with some good actors.
Strigoi looks like a lot of fun.