Watch Out For Flying Eggs! It's A Full Trailer For EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES (TO KAKO II)!

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Watch Out For Flying Eggs!  It's A Full Trailer For EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES (TO KAKO II)!

[Updated with English-subtitled version of the trailer.]

Oh, wow. I didn't see this coming. We've been covering the development of time-hopping Greek zombie film To Kako II for a good while now, both because the first one is a bit of a guilty pleasure and also because they went and stuck Billy Zane in this thing. And what did we find with the first teaser? More than we hoped, really, a more ambitious take on the material with better production values and a plot that jumps in time from modern Athens back to a zombie outbreak in ancient Greece. This was solid, intense stuff.

And now the first full trailer arrives and while it also looks like really solid, very entertaining stuff, this one showcases a much more obvious sense of humor than has anything else so far and I'm absolutely loving it. A subtitled version would be nice to help get all the gags - particularly in the out-take roll that starts the trailer - but there's lots to love here. That flying frying pan shot is just fantastic ...

Check it out - along with an English subtitled version of the first teaser - below the break!

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Thanks Vaggelis!

panikAugust 20, 2009 6:53 PM

just what the horror genre needs...another zombie film...whoopy.
bravo mr director for your vision and no doubt sense of humour.

MikeOutWestAugust 20, 2009 9:15 PM

To Kako is one of the best low-budget zombie flicks out there, with a good script, editing and direction, not to mention the game cast. Bring on the zombies, I say - we still have Zombieworld, Romero's....Of the Dead, Zone of the Dead, La Horde, the proposed Walking Dead tv series, the proposed adaptation of World War Z...we haven't quite reached saturation point yet, Mr Panik!

And who can pass up Billy Zane vs Zombies???

plutonickAugust 23, 2009 5:46 PM

Being a greek, I am ashamed of our recent greek movies. The original To Kako was not a good movie, but I enjoyed it for what it was. I love zombies movies too, so I had no choice.

To Kako 2 definately seems like an improvement. Can't wait to see it. Too bad most of the trailer would not make much sense to a non-greek viewer, such as the frying pan, or the 'fucking city-state' dialogue during the end of the movie. Or the totaly greek looking guy with the chainsaw. It just looks funny if you are greek and you are used to american type heroes and then seeing your uncle wielding a chainsaw...