Edmund Yeo's KINGYO Goes To Venice

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Edmund Yeo's KINGYO Goes To Venice

We've been following the progress of up-and-coming Malaysian filmmaker Edmund Yeo, and seen him grow from strength to strength. We highlighted his very first Japanese short film, Kingyo, sometime back, a film shot in Tokyo with a largely Japanese cast and crew. It is a very well-made, moving 25-minute piece, with an ending that is sure to make you break into a little smile.

Well, guess what? Kingyo has been accepted into the International Short Film Competition at the upcoming Venice International Film Festival. This makes Yeo the youngest Malaysian filmmaker to ever compete in a major festival.

We wish him all the best.

Yeo is currently in Seoul, Korea hard at work on the post-production of Woo Ming Jin's Woman On Fire Looks For Water, on which Yeo is producer.

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