Trailer for zany Chinese comedy 'On His Majesty's Secret Service'!

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Trailer for zany Chinese comedy 'On His Majesty's Secret Service'!

Oh Hong Kong you're so wacky. While a gweilo like me could never fully understand this brand of nonsense comedy there is a certain delirious joy when watching them. They're just so out there that even without understanding them and all their cultural nuances fully they are no less entertaining. For example we have the trailer for Wong Jing's upcoming nonsense comedy On His Majesty's Secret Service. Though quite unlike the James Bond film of the same name from 1969 a quick search couldn't pick up a lot of details about this film. Thus, I first found what I hoped was a description of the film to the more qualified and sanitary skills of Google Translate and this is what it came up with...

The film story takes place in ancient times, the emperor has to have a direction to 12 named after zodiac ... personal protection. Louis Koo as one of nine days, the representative of the high sign of the Zodiac "dog", also known as the "灵灵dog," he indulged in technology will certainly insist that the technology will be better than kung fu, but his inventions are in action on many occasions was busy in doing so out of tune with the other agent, and only his brother, "灵灵Tiger" and fiancee, "Mei hope that" duty-bound to support him. But the face of an infatuated Mei hope, wonder dog灵灵style was unmoved. At this point, the major opponent just Tso ambitious, desire to kill the emperor replaced, but he must first get rid of the dog led to灵灵大内密探. What is unexpected is the father-in-law of conspiracy Cao is only the tip of the iceberg,灵灵dog will have to face more and more powerful enemy, the palace seems to calm potentially dangerous, murderous hidden.

Then a little more digging found this much more coherent synopsis over at Far East Films...

The secret service has been responsible for protecting the Emperor for generations and 12 agents are always assigned to bodyguard duty. Amongst the current group, Zero Zero Dog (Louis Koo) is considered to be the weakest as he shows no interest in the martial arts and spends his time studying technology and creating inventions. When Dog stumbles upon an evil plot to kill the Emperor by the chief eunuch, Cao Yan Chui (Fan Siu Wong), he decides to prove everyone wrong and vanquish the enemy himself.

The film stars stars Louis Koo, Big S Barbie Hsu, Fan Siu Wong, Leung Kar Yan, Liu Yi Wei, Sandra Ng, Law Kar Ying, Chen Jia Jia, and Sang Wei Lin. The trailer is loaded up after the break and I am a tad disappointed that the sound is out of sync but you definitely get the gist of the film. Martial arts, crazy characters and zany comedy are after the break!

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Rhythm-XJuly 1, 2009 7:12 PM

Holy 1995! I won't say that looks like a great movie, but I'm open to a throwback to this sort of goofy fare.

MarkhardboiledJuly 1, 2009 8:03 PM

I believe that it is a sequel to Stephen Chow's Forbidden City Cop. Both Forbidden City Cop and From Beijing With Love 's Chinese titles had something to do with James Bond. So it kind of makes sense that the English title for this is another play on a Bond title.

wyejonJuly 1, 2009 11:37 PM

it's a pseudo sequel... james bond is 007, stephen chow was 008 and now louis koo is 009.

TheOrientalNightfishJuly 2, 2009 1:16 AM

Not the /same/ name…

And I just happened to come across a few stills (or possibly on-set photos) from this film at a couple of days ago – the first I had read/seen of this franchise in general. The set-up of this one reminds me not so much of Bond as of a Chinese Albert the Fifth Musketeer. (^_-)

ChevalierAguilaJuly 2, 2009 3:49 AM

Wong Jing? Do not want.

Jay L.July 4, 2009 6:01 PM

I dunno. This one might end up being one of Wong Jing's few gems, as the law of averages does work for him sometimes.