Foxes! Vintage Clothing! Typeface! Yes, it's Wes Anderson's THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX Trailer

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Foxes!  Vintage Clothing! Typeface!  Yes, it's Wes Anderson's THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX Trailer

Despite the stop-motion animation and talking animals, it is not very hard to identify all of the Wes Anderson trademarks (not to mention nearly every voice actor here as worked with him in the past) on display. Adapted from the beloved Roald Dahl novel of the same name (except a "The" seems to have been added). Anderson embraces the quirky characters and there is lots of cute slapstick, but I do not see much of the sly-dark-humour that is the usual part-and-parcel with Dahl's work.

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kenixfanJuly 30, 2009 10:15 PM

Just when I start to feel jaded and bored with almost every film from Hong Kong, China, or the States, something like this comes along and I can't even articulate how wonderful it looks! Not sure if this is sustainable for a 90-minute feature, but just totally delightful. Made my day!

SeasonsJuly 30, 2009 11:09 PM

I don't know much about Roald Dahl, but I'm sure that doesn't matter as this looks wonderfully fantastic and fun!

ChevalierAguilaJuly 31, 2009 12:08 AM

Wes Anderson? No thanks.

GodofJoyJuly 31, 2009 3:25 AM

it's reassuring that even though it's animated, it looks and sounds (at least from the trailer) like a Wes Anderson movie.

My only concern is the animation itself looks a little lo-fi (compared to say, Henry Selnick) - here's hoping that does not prove a stumbling block for having a good theatrical run.

Andrew CunninghamJuly 31, 2009 3:58 AM

Hard to say how I'd just that without knowing the source material. Other than the basic framework of the plot, there is absolutely no resemblance. The humor falls flat, and the amateur hour animation kills it stone dead.
I really loved The Life Aquatic, and thought he'd finally started to find his voice, but this and Darjeeling just gave me no reason to bother.

fuddufJuly 31, 2009 12:00 PM

just when i had given up on wes anderson, this actually looks nice and refreshing.

mistereshJuly 31, 2009 1:41 PM

I just don't know what to think about it, but I had to stop the trailer because they were clearly showing every single moment of comedy in the film.

Ricki-Oh 90210July 31, 2009 2:37 PM

Wes Anderson films to me are like a hyped-up indie band. Some stuff is good, and they are certainly quirky and, how do you say, 'hipster-friendly', but I don't see what the big deal was about.

mangajayceAugust 1, 2009 12:49 AM

I agree completely Ricki-Oh. Anderson is like that underground indie band that all your friends keep raving about until you finally listen to them, and then you're like, "Yeah? So?" I found "Life Aquatic" almost unwatchable, but I kind
of dug "Darjeeling". I suppose I'll watch this when it's free on Netflix, but otherwise, pass... "James and the Giant Peach" was the best Dahl adaptation IMHO.

ApplecartAugust 5, 2009 6:51 AM

I love that line "because i'm little." XD