Bald Billy Zane Battles Greek Zombies In EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES (TO KAKO II)

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Bald Billy Zane Battles Greek Zombies In EVIL IN THE TIME OF HEROES (TO KAKO II)

[Updated with English subtitled version of the trailer.]

If you cast your minds back a couple years you may recall a little, ultra-splattery Greek zombie film - the first ever zombie film from that nation - titled simply Evil or To Kako. The budget limits were obvious but Evil was shot with such a sense of fun and energy that it proved to be one of those little films that could and it ended up travelling the international festival circuit, got a DVD release here courtesy of TLA and was enough of a hit at home that the original creative team is now deep into production on a sequel.

More ambitious? You bet. Not only are they now working with better equipment - the film was shot on the Red camera - but they've added Billy Zane in a key support role and have introduced a time hopping element to the picture, making Evil II quite possibly the first ever horror film set dominantly in the classical age of Greece. You know ... Theseus, Perseus, Jason and all of those guys? It's like that, only with the undead trying to eat them. The film is gearing up for an October release and the first teaser has just arrived. Find it below the break!

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