Trailer For South African Indie Action Thriller SLAM-BANG

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Trailer For South African Indie Action Thriller SLAM-BANG

In the world of English-language film, South Africa remains a bit of an undiscovered country, with very few films from that nation travelling out onto the international stage. But make no mistake about it, that is going to change and probably change rather soon. And one film that I know is starting to attract attention is raw indie thriller Slam-Bang.

SLAM-BANG takes place over the duration of a day. When an IT guy is roped into stealing information off a computer, he finds himself surrounded by violence and mayhem as things don't work out the way they should. Thwarted each step of the way by ruthless killers determined to stop him, he must race against time to save his girlfriend's life. But he soon learns that it will take more then guts to survive the day. This black comedy/thriller is a wild tale, jam-packed with guns, torture, drugs... and guts.

The trailer is still rather rough but there's an undeniable energy to the thing. Check it out below the break.

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Greg ChristieMay 9, 2009 2:40 AM

Hmmmmm. I also watched the new Give Em' Hell Malone trailer and I have similar feelings on both

Well, excpet for the fact that Give Em' Hell Malone looks like it has terrific production values and exceptionally well executed action for a low budget affair. Seriously, that trailer is really frustrating. Visually, it looks incredible, damn shame that everything else (the writing, acting, and overall story) looks embarassingly bad.

I'd say the same, but this doesn't even have the production value. Although, it's trying really hard to seem like it does.

If you're making an indie action film, and you don't have the buck to make it look like a slick Tony Scott affair, don't bother trying. The fact that this thing is trying sooo hard to be like a generic big budget action thriller is silly.

The fact that everyone is yelling, the cell phone scenes, the shaky cam intensity, all of the camera framing screams "look, I kinda look like any other big budget action movie but shot on prosumer level equipment."The completely trite, one size fits all dialouge. ugh.

If you can't offer the shootouts, chases, explosions of a Hollywood production, you better try and offer something else.

How about an interesting Mcguffin for once?

A briefcase of money or a disc with secret info? ..ZZZZZ.... Boring.

How about a retarded Ethiopian child who shits gold due to radiation posioning? eh, government conspiracy is pretty cliche. Maybe He shits gold from having a voodoo curse put on him, warring tribes all compete to him so they can buy arms to combat American forces with his shitty gold. Yeah.. There we go, now we're getting somewhere.

I always thought the whole allure of indie cinema was an escape from conveyor belt made mediocricy. The story on this is pretty bland and generic. Shame to say the same of Malone too.

Petey WheatstrawMay 9, 2009 7:12 AM

A violent indie-thriller set in South Africa featuring lots of cell phone calls, and bleeding and featuring one token light-skinned Black guy. You sure this isn't a Hollywood production?

Mitch DavisMay 9, 2009 9:26 AM

It's much, much more interesting than the trailer implies, trust me on this. The plot device revolving around an at-all-costs in-demand disc is indeed a stale one, but wait until you see how the film twists that - into something I guarantee you've never seen before. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'll just say that the disc shtick is very cleverly turned into something as cruel and grotesque as the most savage '60s Western element you can think of. You will be absolutely floored.

I saw the film last week and was very impressed, especially when you consider that it was shot on the P2 system with next to nothing. There are some inconsistent performances and its not an absolutely perfect film (few are), but this is one mean, lean little thriller that will definitely stay with you. It has a darkness that blows the doors off most American studio action fare.

Simon LaperriereMay 10, 2009 12:01 AM

it's a bad-ass film. Totally awesome film !

James DennisMay 11, 2009 8:33 PM

Had me in stitches - performances and script in this trailer are comically bad... or is it actually a comedy? It almost had me wondering if the guy bleeding in the back of the car wasn't a purposeful nod to Reservoir Dogs.