Trailer For South African Indie Action Thriller SLAM-BANG

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Trailer For South African Indie Action Thriller SLAM-BANG

In the world of English-language film, South Africa remains a bit of an undiscovered country, with very few films from that nation travelling out onto the international stage. But make no mistake about it, that is going to change and probably change rather soon. And one film that I know is starting to attract attention is raw indie thriller Slam-Bang.

SLAM-BANG takes place over the duration of a day. When an IT guy is roped into stealing information off a computer, he finds himself surrounded by violence and mayhem as things don't work out the way they should. Thwarted each step of the way by ruthless killers determined to stop him, he must race against time to save his girlfriend's life. But he soon learns that it will take more then guts to survive the day. This black comedy/thriller is a wild tale, jam-packed with guns, torture, drugs... and guts.

The trailer is still rather rough but there's an undeniable energy to the thing. Check it out below the break.

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