Grab Your Ray Guns And Start Blasting! Here Come THE MERCURY MEN!

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Grab Your Ray Guns And Start Blasting!  Here Come THE MERCURY MEN!
A sci-fi thriller web series. Edward Borman, a lowly government office drone, finds himself trapped, when the deadly Mercury Men seize his office building as a staging ground for their nefarious plot. Aided by a daring aerospace engineer, Edward must stop the invaders and their doomsday device, the Gravity Engine.

A new web series designed to capture the spirit of the classic serial, The Mercury Men is all stark black and white, constant peril and brains in jars. The fifties vibe is spot on and while I'm not quite sold yet - there's something about the acting in the trailer that doesn't quite click - I'm definitely thinking about reaching for the check book. The series hasn't posted its first episode yet but you can find the trailer below the break!

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Thanks to Bryan from Cinema Suicide for pointing it out

CPrekstaMay 5, 2009 11:38 PM

Thanks for the post Todd. Appreciate it. (I'm confident you'll feel different re: our actors once you see more than just a few lines.)

Kurt HalfyardMay 6, 2009 12:25 AM

GORGEOUSLY Shot though. WOW.

Todd BrownMay 6, 2009 12:46 AM

Yeah, and production design is great. I've subscribed via iTunes, curious to see how it turns out ...

Donwoo2May 6, 2009 1:19 AM

lookin' good, I'll def keep up with this.

eDWeiRDMay 6, 2009 1:23 AM

Wow. That's got promise.

ForgottenFilmsMay 6, 2009 3:31 AM

Saul Bass

curtMay 11, 2009 6:50 AM

come on, todd, give mark and I a chance! I know we can wow ya! thanks.