'Worst Case Scenario' director talks briefly about 'Army of Frankenstein'

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'Worst Case Scenario' director talks briefly about 'Army of Frankenstein'

Yes, we've all shed a tear or two, in my case uncontrollable sobs and gnashing of teeth, when the news hit that the Nazi-zombie film Worst Case Scenario was literally dead in the water [oh god, I just pictured the trailer with them coming up out of the water - SOB!]. However, our sorrow was quickly turned into joy when it was also announced that the team behind that fated project announced that they were proceeding with a new project that will be called Army of Frankenstein. The director Richard Raaphorst sat down and talked with Horror.nl which was then translated by ArrowintheHead.

"The market for zombie movies is saturated and no distributor is buying them anymore: chances for financing WCS became very small. Also there are two other nazi-zombie flicks out there and as a result of that ours would look like a rip-off… When it became clear last year that WCS was as good as dead I came up with the idea of a WSC-prequel with a really low-budget of half a million Euro. That project almost came to fruition, but I can’t use the name Worst Case Scenario due to some rights-issues. The only way to get it on track was a different story and new title: Army of Frankenstein. This is still a working title but I think it covers the story nicely. The visual style will be the same as I will direct AoF! WCS can stay what is is, two kick-ass trailers and a great and promising story that never saw the light of day. Mabye someday we’ll dig it up, but than the Army of Frank[en]stein will be roaming the Earth! This time we don’t want to rush things, we’re talking with a producer and are still writing the script with Miguel Tejada Flores."

Richard, a couple thoughts. Army of Frankenstein is a wicked title. Stick with it. Very marketable title; everyone knows the name Frankenstein. Please, please rush things. We don't want some leach out there thinking this is a good idea and have enough backing to get something done before you guys get started. That would be shame but a good reason for angry mob justice.

We're considering asking Ard and Onderhond to take shifts, set up camp out in the front yard of Raaphorst's house, confront him every time he leaves or returns home, and to let us know the minute there is any more news about this project.

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madamecurryApril 14, 2009 10:22 PM

This is so F'n excellent. This guy needs to be able to realize all his ideas to film. I'm already a fan and he's not even made a single film, but if they are anything like his teaser trailers, he's got a fan for life. Bring on the Army!

NachtritterApril 15, 2009 1:25 AM

It's still too bad for WCS, I was looking forward to it for years. The trailers are still amusing to watch, ominous AND comical at the same time.

Ard VijnApril 15, 2009 4:45 AM

Mack, don't forget Peter Cornelissen, who is one-of-us now!
He's important for two reasons (at least):

First, 3 shifts X 8 hour = total 24 hour coverage! :cheese:

But the most important reason is that his short chat with Richard Raaphorst a few weeks ago got us the "Army of Frankenstein"-scoop in the first place...

Andrew MackApril 15, 2009 4:59 AM

which just goes to show... 'if you ain't Dutch. you ain't much'. 'Cept salt licorice. Shudder.

FLYcicakApril 15, 2009 11:28 AM

we want this to happen..i can feel it!

snomanApril 15, 2009 9:52 PM

WOOOOOOOOOOO... bring that shit on hehehehee.... :-P