Jackie Chan Announces 100th film CHINESE ZODIAC

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Jackie Chan Announces 100th film CHINESE ZODIAC

At a news conference held this week, Jackie Chan announces his 100th milestone film project will be Chinese Zodiac (tentatively titled) and the plot will involve the action star embarking on a series of treasure hunt across the globe that are linked to a major events in Chinese history. Produced by Emperor Motion Pictures subsidiary Emperor Dragon Movies, Zodiac is budget at 250 million yuan ($37 million) with Jackie co-directing along with five-time collaborator Stanley Tong who helmed Jackie before in The Myth and Rumble in the Bronx. This marks the first time that Jackie will take on directorial duties since Who Am I? in 1998. Jackie came up with the story idea six years ago but due to schedule conflicts, the development was put on hold until recently. I first become aware of the project when there were some talks as far back as 2007 and at the time, it was reportedly the third installment of the Indiana Jones-esque adventure series Armor of God (aka Operation Condor). Also on Jackie's to do list is Kung Fu Kid and Big Soldier. Out of all his upcoming films, this is the one that appeals to me the most.

Principal photography is tentatively scheduled to begin this fall with location shooting to take place in several countries including France, Vienna, Hong Kong, Beijing and Kazakhstan.

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