Gordon Liu joins Leung Kar Yan in [血缘] 'Blood Relations'!

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Gordon Liu joins Leung Kar Yan in [血缘] 'Blood Relations'!

There nothing like dredging up the past to strengthen geo-political relationships, you know? And once again we're going back into China's history when Japan was on the verge of occupation with Leung Kar Yan's upcoming film Blood Relations.

Blood Relations is a patriotic story set in the early 1900s Republican period when China was facing Japanese invasion. Tycoon Qin Ling, a philanthropic but unassuming person, is being extorted by the Japanese. Qin Ling refuses to comply. As head of the household, to ensure the safety of his family and his servants, and to foil the scheme of the Japanese, Qin Ling disperses his family and wealth, and dismisses his servants.

However, the Japanese send martial arts exponents to massacre his entire family. His youngest son, Qin Yun, who's actually not related to him by blood, returns from studies abroad, and trains hard in martial arts to defeat the Japanese, eventually realizing the kind intentions of his father. Wu-jing.org

We've seen this sort of patriotic action film making recently with Ip Man and the key duo behind this film are just as talented if not more than Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen. Leung Kar Yan has been a part of Chinese martial arts films since 1969 working with such actors as Sammo Hung, Jet Li, Yuen Biao, Stephen Chow, Yuen Wo-ping and of course with Gordon Liu who really needs no introduction. The two worked together on many projects in the past.

Director Leung Kar Yan says that he would be playing Qin Ling, while Gordon Liu his close friend, who's also an anti-Japanese guerilla, and both would have several fight scenes, "Blood Relations is a 100% action film, with authentic martial arts sequences, not just empty poses." So it would appear the geo-political setting is more of a catalyst for action than a soap box for political statement. That's fine by me. Bring on the fu!

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