Fresh Trailer For Handsome Czech Noir NORMAL

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Fresh Trailer For Handsome Czech Noir NORMAL
Based on a true story, this psychological thriller is set in Germany during the recession in the 1930s. Young, ambitious lawyer Justus Wehner gets his first big case – the defence of brutal serial killer Peter Kurten. Wehner is certain that Kurten suffers from a severe mental disorder and to prove it delves deep into the killer’s past, motivation and psyche. Then, Kurten’s wife Marie arrives, and together with Kurten, starts to manipulate Wehner into assisting them with one last crime. Now, Wehner has to fight not only to win the complicated case but also to save his soul.

We've been tracking the progress of Julius Ševčík's Czech noir Normal for a good time now, greatly impressed by the visual style of the thing and with the Czech release approaching a second full trailer has arrived. Yep, still gorgeous. You'll find both trailers and the teaser below the break.

Trailer Two

Trailer One


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