Brand new trailer for Johnnie To's 'Vengeance' rules like freaking lords!

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Brand new trailer for Johnnie To's 'Vengeance' rules like freaking lords!

O. M. F. G!

Only the other day the official French site for Johnnie To's upcoming revenge flick Vengeance went up and we've got ourselves a new trailer. Johnnie To have very likely done it again if the footage in this new trailer has anything to say about it. Holy hell it has been a while since a trailer has got me this excited about an upcoming movie, my man crush on Johnnie To aside. Look for Simon Yam, Lam Suet and Anthony Wong after the break.

“A father comes to Hong Kong to avenge his daughter whose family was murderer. Officially he’s a French chef. Twenty years ago, he was a killer“

You'd best be warned. The new trailer contains a considerable amount of violence and a dash of the hanky panky. In most instances that would qualify as NSFW but if I did that then you may never know what you're missing. You've been warned however. The utter coolness of Johnnie To is after the break.

Thanks to Tequilla for pointing the way, you glorious bastard you. I'm naming one of my children after you for the good you have done us today!

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