Yet another lawsuit? Icelandic Nerds VS US Heroes. Updated with Astropia clip.

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Yet another lawsuit? Icelandic Nerds VS US Heroes. Updated with Astropia clip.

*Update. A clip featuring the scene in question has now mysteriously appeared online and you can check it out after the jump* They say that copying or stealing someone's idea is a some sort of form of flattery but those on the receiving end of that argument usually don't feel flattered most of the time.
Now the TV show Heroes is one of the highest rated show on television and probably has its share of fine writers to come up with ideas but according to news that just hit over here in Iceland it seems that they snagged up the plot line from one of our highest grossing films and are using it in the story line for Hayden Panettiere's character Claire the cheerleader.
The producers of the festival favorite Astropia, which premiered in Iceland in 2007 and screened at last year's Fantastic Fest, got wind of this today when a clip showcasing a scene from the latest Heroes episode looked eerily like a scene from Astropia, so much so that the producers are thinking of suing NBC for plagiarism.
For those who have not seen Astropia it is about a young woman who has never worked a day in her life and is forced to get a job in a comic book store to make ends meet when her boyfriend is arrested for fraud. The Heroes scene in in question looks to be a direct lift of the scene from Astropia when the main character applies for the job at the comic book store.
The producers are less than flattered by this alleged copying because it could hinder their negotiations regarding a US remake that they are going through, especially when one of the most popular shows on TV featured the main story line.
Take a look at the Heroes clip and the Astropia scene after the break and tell me if they have a case or not.

Heroes clip

Astropia scene

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