Teaser Poster for Jeffrey Lau's KUNG FU CYBORG

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Teaser Poster for Jeffrey Lau's KUNG FU CYBORG

A wrap up ceremony for Jeffrey Lau's upcoming romantic sci-fi film Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (机器侠) was held yesterday in Beijing to celebrate the completion of shooting. No footage or still shots of the actual robots has been revealed to the press just yet unfortunately but atleast a teaser poster is shown. Note the similarity to Michael Bay's Transformers teaser poster with the earth in the background and the mechanical title logo. Here's a brief synopsis:

This futurist film deals with the battle of good and evil between robots, showing their self-redemption in the process.

The story takes place in a future world where robots are at war with each other. Hu Jun plays a police officer who becomes a cyborg. Sun Li plays the adopted sister of Hu Jun, who falls in love with a cyborg Alex Fong. Actor Wu Jing plays a robot who has become evil but eventually turns over a new leaf.

The film is expected to be release in the summer of 2009.

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