"Second Wind! Second Wind!" - AUDIENCE OF ONE comes to DVD!

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AOO-Poster-sm.jpgAlong with the film Terra (see below), I figured this one may never see the light of day, but it is the day for bringing shelf-dwelling projects to the light of release. Michael Jacobs' documentary on a California preacher's attempt to get a $50 Million science fiction epic slash religious allegory off the ground is a much enjoyed film around these parts. It documents in a entertaining (and often wince-worthy) fashion the cost of the heady cocktail of ambition and dreams when they are dashed across the harsh face of reality. We may occasionally poke fun at Hollywood for soulless fair that costs the GDP of many a small country, but perhaps these pig productions are left to the professionals and corporations and not rested simply on belief and faith that everything will come together. You may love Pastor Richard Gazowsky's drive, but by the end you will likely want him as far from your purse strings as possible (his 5 year multi-pronged plan has his Pentecoste congregation colonizing the moon. We do not kid). Christopher Guest has nothing on this strange reality.

All of this is merely to say that everyone who thinks they can be George Lucas (but, you know without any real film making experience or background, or Francis Ford Coppola lending you bank) can now enjoy the lesson of what not to do, as Audience of One comes to DVD.

Bless regular reader Craig who passed this tidbit along via our forum.

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