Don't Mess With The Drummer. Full Promo For Dolph Lundgren's COMMAND PERFORMANCE

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Though he'll never say so publicly, I'm sure Dolph Lundgren has to be hoping that his part in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables will save him from the straight-to-video hell that he has lived in for the past decade or so. But before we find out if that happens Lundgren has one more DTV opus to share with the world, the self-directed Command Performance. It's Die Hard at a rock concert, basically, with Lundgren playing a biker turned rock band drummer whose band goes to Moscow for a gig only to be caught up in a terrorist attack on a politician in the audience. High art it aint.

We ran the first teaser for this a while back and now the full sales promo has been unleashed upon the world and you can find both videos below the break.

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