Cast Announced for Jeffrey Lau's Sci-Fi Martial Arts film ROBOT

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Optimus-Prime.jpgBack in November, we reported Hong Kong director Jeffery Lau was developing Robot (working title), a futuristic sci-fi film he has been formulating in his head for the last ten years. It was only after he watched Transformers that spur him to shoot it. At the shooting location of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in mid December, a press conference was held to formally introduce the cast to the media. The cast is compose of actors/actress from mainland and Hong Kong, including Wu Jing, Hu Jun, Sun Li, Ronald Cheng and Alex Fong.

The film blends slapstick comedy and romance with advanced technology. Budgeted at around ten million US dollars, the film features explosive battles between robots, and between humans and robots, replete with special effects....

Jeffrey says that his robots will be well-versed in Chinese Kung Fu. He told designers that the robots must not only look unique, but also possess unique oriental traits.

Kung fu robots you say? I'm so there. It also doesn't hurt to know Wu Jing is supplying the Kung fu action. The film is expected to be release in the summer of 2009.

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JahsoldierDecember 23, 2008 10:17 PM

Kung fu robots already sound amazing, but then to add Wu Jing into the mix could theoretically elevate this into greatness. Looking forward to more news on this one!