What Came Before 101: A Big List Of All Anarch-O-Meters So Far

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What Came Before 101: A Big List Of All Anarch-O-Meters So Far

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Time flies when you're having fun, especially if you can't count.

I expected that shortly we'd have to do a special ScreenAnarchy-O-Meter because number 100 was coming up. But when I finished counting them all, guess what: I was already too late. Last week was actually the hundredth of these that got published.

Which makes this ScreenAnarchy-O-Meter number 101.
And that gave me the idea to put up a list with links to all the 100 which had come before.

Sometimes we do get asked what the ScreenAnarchy-O-Meter is supposed to be, or what its purpose is. What it is is quickly answered: it's a weekly column, mostly (but not always) in the form of a list or a countdown.

What the purpose is takes a bit longer to explain, but it basically amounts to this: here at ScreenAnarchy, most of the time we write about news. New movies, new plans from actors and directors, new DVDs...
But we didn't become film fans because of news. We started to love films because of specific titles, specific events, specific genre highlights. The ScreenAnarchy-O-Meter was invented so we had a chance to write about things we love and hate. And to share opinions and other stuff which does not necessarily constitute news.

These are our labors of love, or at least they should be. And what have we done with the freedom this column grants us? Find out after the break!

So here it is: the full and comprehensive list of all ScreenAnarchy-O-Meters ever written, with links to all of them.
Have fun (as we sure did when we wrote them)!

1: Behold The Glory Of The ScreenAnarchy-O-Meter! (5 genre mash-ups)
2: Little Lost Riot Grrrls - Not on DVD (?%$#!) (5 movies featuring nascent feminists)
3: The Takashi Miike List of Lists by Logboy. (5 lists telling you all about Miike)
4: The Top 5 Filipino Indie Film Directors You’ve Never Heard of (the… well, guess)
6: Take Off, You Hoser! (5 vintage Canuck movies)
7: My personal Fight Club List [film related] (5 people or issues Mack wants to hit)
8: The Return of the Top-Loading VCR (5 eighties movies nostalgia)
9: Five Hong Kong Gems (2000-2001) (title says all, follow-up very possible)
10: Ultraaaaaaa Magnetic Taaaaaaaap! (giant robot series)

11: ‘All In Good Time’ (10 key issues for world cinema lovers)
12: Corporate Cringe! (five films which are wholly inappropriate for employee motivation)
13: Rites of Passage (5 movies showing a world beyond Hollywood)
14: Video Screams! (5 movies which use video to their advantage)
15: Memories of IFFR’s past. (5 experiences from the Rotterdam Film Festival)
16: Film Goes Pop. (5 examples of masterful uses of pop music in film)
17: Blood and Donuts (5 lesser-known Canadian filmmakers)
18: Don’t call it a come back. He’s been here for years. My love for Albert Pyun (5 Albert Pyun films)
19: The Heebie Jeebies (5 scary movies)
20: The Console Incarnate (5 illogical film-to-video-game conversions)

21: Superior Sequels (5 sequels more loved than the originals)
22: Beefcake! BEEFCAKE! (5 action movies with muscles)
23: Favorite Grindhouse Experiences? (title says all...)
24: Computer Enabled Fantastic Battles (5 fantasy films with large armies)
25: Top 5 film watching experiences (title says all...)
26: Animals Amuck!!! (5 animal horror movies)
27: Five Things I Learned In Cannes (Todd’s 2007 trip)
28: “Damn! We’re in a tight spot!” (5 claustrophobic pics)
29: Most Memorable Family Viewing Experiences (title says all...)
30: How I got here… (how Joey discovered Twitch)

31: Movies that bear repeating! (5 rewatchable movies)
32: Disappearing Acts (5 directors which aren’t visible anymore)
33: Rebirthing your own movie (5 remakes by the same director)
34: Adapt This! (5 writers whose work has been often adapted)
35: Confessions of an Anime Neophyte (5 relatively safe anime series for starters)
36: The Unfilmable Novel And The Directors Who Should Try Anyway (title says all...)
37: City on Fire (5 Overlooked Urban Apocalpyse Flicks)
38: Close Calls and Near Misses! (5 cases of unexpected excitement during moviewatching)
39: Hooray for Hollywood? Eh, Kind Of… (social commentary in Hollywood)
40: We Love Well-made Monsters! (5 damn fine monsters)

41: Category III Madness! (5 intriguing Hong-Kong movies)
42: Top 5 ScreenAnarchy-y Films From 1972 (Title says all)
43: Return of the Top Loading VCR Part 2! The Heady Days of Adolescent Sci-Fi … (follow-up)
44: Song Kang-Ho is ready for his extreme close-up, Mr. deMille! (5 movies with SKH)
45: Tourist, Know Thy Place. (5 movies about mindbreaking travel)
46: So you wanna be an action hero? (5 good tips for wannabee action heroes)
47: Favorites failing financially?? (5 popular bombs)
48: Sequel-ize It! (5 movies which should have sequels but don’t)
49: When Oscar Goes Bad. (5 actors who slumped after winning)
50: MEGA-ToM (multi-writer effort)

51: MAD MEN and Bad TV (5 enjoyable tv series)
52: Hong Kong Movie Music That Stuck With Me (4 addictive HK scores)
53: Birth of a … (5 ‘untraditional’ births)
54: Top 5 Almost a good idea for a ToM (title says all...)
55: JMaruyama’s MEGA-ToM aftershock! (Anarch-O-Meter turns 50, late submission)
56: Horror of yore. (5 favorite period horror films)
57: Reel Vs. Real (5 found-footage films)
58: Briefcase! BRIEFCASE! (5 mega-DVD editions)
59: Tadanobu Asano is ready for his extreme close-up, Mr. deMille! (5 movies with TA)
60: Zhang Ziyi is ready for her extreme close-up, Mr. deMille! (5 movies with ZZ)

61: When Oscar Goes Bad Part Two. Here Come The Ladies … (5 actresses who slumped after winning)
62: 10 Films to Cry From Punishment (10 films to get depressed fast)
63: The Home Depot. You can kill it. We can help. (5 deaths by powertools)
64: The Apocalypse on a Budget (5 Mad Max clones)
65: His Mother Would Not Recognize Him! (5 examples of practical make-up)
66: Mystique of the Miniseries (5 miniseries of old)
67: Losing My Virginity - Top 5 Experiences with New Cinema (title says all..)
68: Anthony Wong is ready for his extreme close-up, Mr. deMille! (5 movies with AW)
69: Primordial Soup of the Spotless Mind (5 prototype mindfuck movies)
70: Okay. I’ve seen ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’. What is next? (Its 4 martial stars)

71: Summer Floppin’ (5 big bombs)
72: When Plants Attack! (5 movies with aggressive plant life)
73: The B-Movie Splendor of Herman Yau (5 movies by HY)
74: Top 5 Bad-Ass Blockbuster Babes (5 action-actresses who are iconically cool)
75: When Theme Songs Attack! (4 theme songs for series, and James Bond)
76: Eat to live. Don’t live to eat. Bon appétit (5 movies with questionable food)
77: Ghost i/t Wallet, or the Five-fold dip (my five owned versions of Ghost in the Shell)
78: The Shape of Things to Come (shifts in technology that might mean big things)
79: Am I my brother’s keeper? (5 movies with brotherly feelings in them)
80: If only my design could save the world (career action films)

81: Elegy for Gas-Guzzling Supercharged Car Movies (5 Gas-Guzzling Supercharged Car Movies)
82: The Implacable Lightness of Being - 5 Eco-Horror Films for Our Times. (Title says all)
83: Will The Next Great Screen Fighter Please Stand Up? (5 possible upcoming martial arts gods)
84: Tony Leung is ready for his extreme close-up, Mr. deMille! (5 movies with TL)
85: Remakes Done Right (title says all)
86: Time to put together your Dream Team (some choice combinations of talent)
87: This Film’s Got a Game in It (5 videogames based on un-used movie licenses)
88: The Asian Games of Historical Drama Openings (5 ToMs worth of Asian series by X)
89: An Ode To Uncle Ernest (5 appearances by the great Ernest Borgnine)
90: Too Soon! (5 movies about the 9/11 attack on the WTC)

91: It is more blessed to give than to receive. (5 horror stories about lending out your stuff)
92: Politics as Usual (5 political movies)
93: Danny Trejo is ready for his extreme close-up, Mr. deMille! (5 movies with DT)
94: Stephen Chow is ready for his extreme close-up, Mr. deMille! (5 movies with SC)
95: Movies That Apparently Have Nothing in Common (5 movies about eh.. inability to cope with loss?)
96: ♬ Tonari No To-Toro To-To-Ro ♫… (5 Japanese score componists)
97: Sexy-Killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est? (Seven Crazy Ladies To Die For)
98: Shin Ha-Kyun is ready for his extreme close-up, Mr deMille! (5 movies with SHK)
99: Technology Gone Wrong! (5 movies with aggressive devices)
100: WHEN EXTRAS ATTACK (5 DVD releases where disc 2 is actually better than disc 1, so to speak...)

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