Danny Trejo Battles The Evil Robot Eye! It's A New Trailer For EYEBORGS!

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It's been a good while since we last heard from director Richard Clabaugh and his cult tale of surveillance run amok but work continues to progress on his cult scifi picture Eyeborgs and we've got the first look at a brand new trailer to prove it. Danny Trejo and Adrian Paul star in this story of surveillance robots turned weapons that looks like solid, cult fun.

In response to terrorism, the US government sanctions the use of free-roaming robotic creatures to monitor every-day life. Initially the “Eyeborgs” discourage crime and are accepted by the general public. But a series of sinister events begin to unfold, bringing the robots’ allegiance into question. Adrian Paul plays a Homeland Security agent who begins investigating a simple crime but realizes he’s only at the tip of an ominous iceberg. The film has some topical relevance with ongoing battles against ‘terror’ overseas and electronic surveillance of the American public.

From what's been released so far it looks as though Paul is the straight man in this one while Trejo - who absolutely dominates the new trailer - gets to have all the fun. Check a pair of trailers below the break.

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FBMachineNovember 30, 2008 2:01 AM

That looks fantastically mediocre. Just the right blend of cool concept and cheesy execution. Any word on a release date?