First Stills From Jean Claude Van Damme's FULL LOVE!

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First Stills From Jean Claude Van Damme's FULL LOVE!

In his quest to reinvent himself can Jean Claude Van Damme go two for two? With the US theatrical release of the stellar JCVD drawing near - and while it's nice to be quoted in the new US trailer it would've been even nicer if they'd gotten our URL correct - we now move our attention to Full Love, the new project Van Damme wrote, produced, directed and stars in.

Very little is known about Full Love at the moment other than that it was shot in Thailand and is a very personal project for the man behind it, so personal that two of his children - Kristopher and Bianca Van Varenberg - both have roles in it. As for Van Damme himself, he describes it as being "based on a true story, based in another reality", which is as confusing as it is intriguing. Beyond that he simply notes that it is "about love, friendship, and dedication."

But while we may not have plot details just yet, what we do have are the first five images from the film to be released anywhere, so hit the link below to check them out!

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See Van Damme in Full Love here.

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