A Musical Clip From Darren Bousman's REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA

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Full marks to Darren Bousman: if there's a book to be written about DIY film marketing then Bousman must surely be the man to write it. After generating a small fortune for Lionsgate by helming a string of cheap and profitable Saw sequels Bousman set out to create a little passion project, a moderately budgeted sci-fi horror musical titled Repo: The Genetic Opera, a film seemingly destined for cult hit status. But despite curiosity and fan interest running high from day one Bousman has been victimized by one of the oldest games in Hollywood: the studio regime change in which the new guy decides to make himself look better by ensuring all of the old guy's projects fail miserably. This is why Lionsgate released Midnight Meat Train only in dollar theaters. It is why Lionsgate is currently burying JT Petty's The Burrowers in the deepest hole they possibly can. And it's why Repo has received a whole lot of nothing in terms of studio support. But Bousman hasn't taken it lying down, he cares to much about this film to simply let it die and so, in the absence of studio support, he's been mounting his own grass roots campaign, releasing the soundtrack, traveling the festival circuit - most recently playing to a sold out crowd at Toronto After Dark - and will soon be taking the film out on a city-to-city tour to make sure fans get to see it.

But enough of that ... I promised a clip and a clip I shall deliver. This is a full on musical number, one that shows off the unique aesthetic of this odd little picture. You'll find it along with the proper trailer below the break in the ScreenAnarchy Player.

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Greg ChristieOctober 27, 2008 8:36 PM

ugh. Gag me on my own vomit, this looks fu*king terrible. Conceptually brillant, but man. If the music is that fucking pitiful through out, I can see why this isn't getting a release.

Crappy fashion and shoddy art direction aside, even the goth kids shopping at hop topic have better taste in music. It's like a really, really bad and tacky evanenscence video.

Kurt HalfyardOctober 28, 2008 6:07 AM

indiemaker0583, just wait till you get a load of the film, dreadful doesn't even begin to tell the tale. This film fails on every level imaginable. It's a truly painful viewing experience that I'd simply rather forget.

bnl771October 28, 2008 9:03 PM

Glad others agree. Utter dross. I was sitting about 4 seats down from Bousman watching this at Fantastic Fest. I started to think "Well the director is here, I have to pretend to enjoy it and NOT force myself to go to sleep to make it through this." Then I remembered the stupid asshole helped perpetuate the Saw franchise and rested my head.