A Clip From Danny Boyle's SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!

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A great favorite of mine when it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival - and a great many others as well, as it won the audience choice award there, though our very own Simon really, really doesn't care for it - Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire finds the director doing what he does best: juggling multiple storylines and a large cast of characters on a whirlwind journey through their own lives. It's a smart, stylish, heartfelt piece of work that will most likely fail horribly at the box office because it's not in English. I'd really like to be wrong on that point but history tells me I'm not. Anyway ... I've been waiting to see how the PR machine cuts a trailer for this sprawling piece of work and they've simply avoided the issue by making the first video released for the film an extended clip rather than any sort of teaser. It's a good choice, I think, to let audiences get to know the characters first, though I must say that I'm a little confused by the poor video quality. This film looks fantastic and there's really no reason at all for the video to look as murky as it does here. Regardless, you'll find it below the break in the ScreenAnarchy Player.

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