When The Viral Apocalypse Comes, Who Will Be ABLE To Survive.

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When The Viral Apocalypse Comes, Who Will Be ABLE To Survive.

In our greatly over-zombified world the concept of a viral apocalypse has become old hat, or so we think. We've gotten used to the idea of a viral outbreak sweeping rapidly through the world, transforming all who come into contact with it into the ravenous undead. But film makers Marc Robert and Will Stotler are here to ask a very simple question: what if the viral outbreak comes and it is not fast at all, but slow. What would happen if a population was infected at massively epidemic levels and the infected had no choice but to stay home alone in quarantine for days simply awaiting the inevitable end. Who would survive? How would they? This is the premise of their film Able and judging from the trailer they have just sent our way this thing has one seriously talented cinematographer behind the camera. The atmosphere is astounding, the imagery haunting. It's one very nice piece of work. Check it in the ScreenAnarchy Player below the break.

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ForgottenFilmsAugust 22, 2008 8:06 AM

Wow. This looks really dark. The premise is intriguing.
Fantastic Fest pick this one up!

abjectnuttinessAugust 22, 2008 11:28 PM

Hot DAMN!!! That is a great trailer!! Some excellent stuff in there for sure! Very moody, very dark.

More Please!! :D

ColdNorwayAugust 23, 2008 2:00 AM

Hey they even used some of the strange sounds (horns?) from the Worst Case Scenario trailers.

The trailer looks great.Can`t wait.