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A cruel horror film bathing in the Finnish sauna culture, in the no-zone between Christianity and paganism. A story of two brothers, who leave a young girl to die and become haunted by her, as she follows them in supernatural form, her face pouring with endless filth. The brothers escape with a commission marking the border between Russia and Finland to a Russian-Orthodox village. In there they find a sauna - The sauna where all sins are washed away. Seeking for forgiveness, the brothers step into the sauna…

Sauna is a horror film about sins, repentance and forgiveness. The story leads us into the core of darkness, where there is no forgiveness, no hope, no salvation.

We've been following the progress of AJ Anilla's Finnish horror film Sauna from the pre-production phase and with the film just wrapping up post now we've been passed an exclusive behind the scenes reel from the film with actor Viktor Klimenko talking about his director. It's a funny bit of work and, having had the chance to spend some time with Anilla, I can say it's totally true. Check it out below the break along with the film's teaser and theatrical trailer.

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