First Teaser For Refn's True-Crime Picture BRONSON Is Absolutely Brilliant.

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Lest any of you have missed it when I've made this claim from time to time I hereby make it again: Nicholas Winding Refn's Pusher films are quite possibly the very best trilogy of crime films ever made. And, yes, I think they're better as a whole than the Godfather movies. And Refn's Bleeder aint half bad, either. So if his fake-crime movies are so strong what do you think is going to happen when he sets his sights on making a true-crime film? Brilliance, that's what.

Before going into production on his viking epic Valhalla Rising Refn shot Bronson for UK outfit Vertigo Films. It's the true story of notorious British criminal Charles Bronson, imprisoned now for over thirty years, and we've been waiting for whatever scraps we could get from it ever since first catching wind. Well, we've got better than scraps now. The film's official website has just gone live and included therein is the film's first teaser. It's vintage Refn, everything you'd hope for: a potent blend of style and grit, nasty violence, pitch black humor, a touch of the surreal and a breast or two. No, it's not for the kiddies.

The version streaming on the official site is a mid-grade Flash file but we've been passed a higher quality version which we've loaded in to the ScreenAnarchy Player. Check it out below the break.

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