Trailer for Michel Houllebecq's LA POSSIBILITÉ D'UNE ÎLE Appears

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Trailer for Michel Houllebecq's LA POSSIBILITÉ D'UNE ÎLE Appears

The first trailer for the film adaption of Michel Houllebecq's 2006 novel La Possibilité d'une île (The Possibility of an Island) has appeared on the Internet. La Possibilité d'une île is an acerbic piece of dystopian science fiction about a famous French comedian who comes into contact with a free love UFO cult called the Elohimites. The group, who are very obviously based on Claude Vorilhon's Raelian movement, uses its significant resources to develop human cloning technologies in order to propagate a race of cult clones.

The trailer is in the French language but gives speakers of all languages a small taste of the film's visual style, which looks very interesting. What will be really interesting is how Houllebecq, who chose to direct the film himself, presents the novel's brusque politically incorrect and pornographic expression on screen. The answer to this question will have to wait until the film is released in France on September 10, 2008. You can check the trailer out in the ScreenAnarchy Player below the break.

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VladimirJuly 6, 2008 5:24 PM

I've read "The Possibility of an Island" in Russian translation and this book is awesome. I'm waiting for this movie from 2007, when the shootings were started.