NIFFF 2008 - Remakes, Remakes... Remakes!?!

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NIFFF 2008 - Remakes, Remakes... Remakes!?!

Collin talked about sequels (read here) and now let us talk about all these remakes! At the 2008 NIFFF (Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival) in Switzerland, I talked with filmmakers - Hideo Nakata, Xavier Gens and Jesus Franco on what they thought on all these remakes that seem to be coming out these days. Hideo Nakata alone seemed prime to talk on the subject after having his original Ringu reworked so many times I've lost count on its mutations.

The Jesus Franco piece may not be immediately accessible, but after repeat listens I think you can get at the very real beating heart of cinema that he is speaking about.

Interview after the link bump.

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