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Who loves giant robots? Everybody loves giant robots, that's who! And when it comes to giant robots from Korea there is none gianter or more robotier than Robot Taekwon V. The classic animated character got a huge boost when the original film - long thought lost - was rediscovered, remastered and rereleased a few years back to great success and now a live action adaptation is being prepared with the plan being to release Robot Taekwon V head to head against Transformers 2 in a battle for robotic supremacy.

Well, our thanks go out to reader Torokun who has steered us to a new CGI test for the film. The original test footage released featured a fully rendered robot striding through the city but this reel is significantly different. Rather than a 'real world' simulation this is a detailed illustration of all of the robots moving parts. It's less immediately flashy than that first real but showcases some very impressive design work and totally succeeds in whetting the appetite for more. Check out both reels below the break in the ScreenAnarchy Player.

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