Hong Kong Remakes Hollywood With Benny Chan's CONNECTED

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Hong Kong Remakes Hollywood With Benny Chan's CONNECTED

Hong Kong's Benny Chan is an object lesson in the value of simple competence. His films never vary too much from that basic middle line. They are never really spectacular but they are also never really bad and so the director has carved out a very successful niche for himself in the Hong Kong industry, gradually moving up the line to bigger casts and bigger budgets. And Chan's latest effort is drawing attention all around the globe both because the freshly released trailer looks very, very good and also because this new film, Connected, is a remake of recent Hollywood flick Cellular.

Now, I've seen a few people out there saying this is the first time Hong Kong has remade a Hollywood film which is not even remotely true - Jet Li's Bodyguard From Beijing leaps immediately to mind, and there are others - but it certainly happens more the other way around. Louis Koo takes the lead - and everything I said about competence in regards to Benny Chan applies equally to Koo - with Barbie Hsu taking on the Kim Basinger role. If the trailer's any indication Chan has ramped up the action quotient considerably. Check it out in the ScreenAnarchy Player below the break.

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DereksJuly 22, 2008 2:02 AM

Asia copying USA, not vice versa? That's definitely smth new....

cpa314July 22, 2008 2:30 AM

Well, Warner brotheres contacted Emperor Pictures and said they wanted to team up with them to make a remake of Cellular. It not like Emperor ran out to buy up the remake rights to the movie after it was released like what happened with Infernal Affairs, Chaser, The Eye, Ringu, Confession of Pain, Shutter,etc. Its Leonardo Decaprio's company(I believe) that always snatches up every Asian movie's remake rights if it does well. I think his company bought the rights to Confession of Pain and Chaser.

Rhythm-XJuly 22, 2008 9:17 AM

Also, Benny Chan's NEW POLICE STORY was crap, so he's definitely capable of it. Jackie gave a decent performance in a truly wretched movie. ROB-B-HOOD was a step up from that. Now, how much of that was really directed by Jackie would be the question. And Benny's BIG BULLET is quite good, too bad it's a WB-owned Golden Harvest film which means it might as well have never existed at all. We'll somehow find a print of MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS fully restored in a cave on the freaking moon before we get a bare-bones PEDICAB DRIVER out of WB. Jerks.

jo3yJuly 23, 2008 5:13 AM

this looks AWESOME man. Probably because mediocre stuffs been coming out of hong kong so this stands out so much.