Casting news for "Shikisoku Zenereishon"

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Casting news for "Shikisoku Zenereishon"

Last week we reported on the commencement of filming the adaptation of Jun Miura's semi-autobiographical novel Shikisoku Zenereishon by director and friend Tomorowo Taguchi. Yesterday the production company Stylejam held a press conference announcing the main cast.

The lead character Jun is to be played by punk band Kuroneko Chelsea vocalist Watanabe Daichi. Joining him will be Kishida Shigeru of the band Quruli and Mineta Kazunobu of Gingnang Boyz. Mineta starred in the previous Tomorowo/Jun collaboration Iden & Tity. According to Don's report over at Ryuganji the site Cinematopic also lists actress Ishibashi Anna but there has been no other mention of her anywhere. At least with accomplished musicians in lead roles and also behind this production I would expect there to be really good music in this film.

back row - Asami Usuda, Lily Franky, Hori Chiemi, Kishida Shigeru, Mineta Kazunobu
front row - Miura Jun, Watanabe Daichi, Tomorowo Taguchi

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