Trailers For Singapore's KALLANG ROAR THE MOVIE

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Trailers For Singapore's KALLANG ROAR THE MOVIE

I believe director Cheng Ding An's feature debut Kallang Roar The Movie could possibly be Singapore's very first Sports-Biopic, which chronicles a very successful time in Singapore's footballing era in the 1970s where throngs would pack the 55,000 seater National Stadium to cheer the team on. I heard he took pains to find a cast who resembled the heroes of yesteryears, while of course working on their football skills. With shoots dragging on late into the night, there were also complaints written to the press too by folks who mention that the flood lights from the Stadium late were disruptive to their sleep!

The National Stadium will make way soon for our new Sports Hub, so having this shot on location will probably serve as a memento and memory of a venue where everyone across all demographics came to cheer our local sports team, in unison. The trailers are on YouTube, and can be viewed from the links below.

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