Blue Underground announces first wave of Blu-Ray titles

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Blue Underground announces first wave of Blu-Ray titles

Bill Lustig and friends announced a while back they had designs on jumping aboard the high def band wagon. Said designs have finally come to pass - through Blue Underground's homepage, the company has trumpeted some of the titles to be included in their initial wave of HD releases, pictured to your left. No dates have been set yet and special features are still up in the air, but it looks as though BU is jumping head-long into Blu-Ray with at least six discs in production, all updates of previously-released titles including Lustig's own Maniac and Vigilante, latter day sword and sandal epic Fire and Ice, Argento's Bird with the Crystal Plummage and The Stendahl Syndrome, and the WWII time travel actioner The Final Countdown. As further specs come down the pipeline, we'll pass along word...

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