Great Einstein's Ghost! It's Laser Ghosts! 2!

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Great Einstein's Ghost! It's Laser Ghosts! 2!

Browsing around a great site I discovered a few days ago called I came upon a little short that one of it's many visitors had made with his Canadian friends. The title is one of the awesomest I've heard in ages "Laser Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove".
Now I have yet to see Laser Ghosts 1 but from what I can gather from this trailer/narrative mash up is that Einstein has come back from the dead, more evil than ever (he did invent the atom bomb after all) searching for the perfect laser so he can rule the earth...or destroy it. It also involves laser ghosts (don't ask), sword fights, laser gun fights, martial arts, a buxom young scientist with a habit of revealing her bra, a nerdy hero with a constant nosebleed and a hard ass cop. Oh and also a good laser ghost who's hooked on drugs apparently.
This is damn funny stuff, looks awesome and makes me want to see a feature length version of it. Best thing is though that you can download the film to your favorite portable media device (I-Pod, nobody uses Zune) along with other stuff this gang has made.
Favorite lines from the short; "Follow me if don't want to be dead." and "What did Justice taste like?" "It tasted gross."
The film is written and directed by Steven Kostanski. Good show.

I know "awesomest" is not a word.

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