Movie Poster alert!!!

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Movie Poster alert!!!

Isn't this a beaut? Some of you might know this but I love movie posters. I love them so much I make them for a living (on the side really). There are a few things I love more than a striking movie poster with great graphics, color and texture. Right now I'm staring at Namoi Watts' tear smeared face on the Funny Games remake in my movie poster light box I have on my wall, just beautiful stuff and one of the most striking designs in recent memory.
Anyway...I'm digressing. If you live in Austin Texas this is old news for you but for others out there this is a juicy tidbit. I know the Alamo Drafthouse mostly from reading AICN so I know that they have regular showings of classic films. What I didn't know is that they make new posters for those showing. And not just some cheap crap using existing artwork. No they get graphic artist to make a brand spanking new poster and print them in very low numbers, to sell at the venue and at a place called Mondo Tees. Now I've only recently found out about this and today I saw that they are presenting two new silk screened posters, an inch short of a full one sheet size, for Kubrik's 2001 and the classic King Kong. Both posters are insanely beautiful and a must for the fans of these films and fans of beautiful artwork.
Both posters are very limited so expect them to go fast, especially King Kong. SO GO NOW!!!
And while you are there check out the truly great looking Big Trouble in Little China poster by Tyler Stout, truly a work of art.
Upcoming screenings at the Alamo include The Thing, Bladerunner and Planet of the Apes so make sure you check back regularly to see what designs they have for those.

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Kurt HalfyardApril 11, 2008 8:59 AM

Sweet stuff indeed. I'm a big fan of One-Sheets myself and wholeheartedly agree on the Watts FunnyGames poster. Stunning.

I also have your Devils Backbone DVD jacket replacing the crap Region 1. Very nice.