Mason And Boyes Move To LA And Live To Tell The Tale ...

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Mason And Boyes Move To LA And Live To Tell The Tale ...

A little treat here for fans of the work of Adam Mason and Simon Boyes. The British writing-directing duo have won notoriety for their hard edged work in Broken and The Devil's Chair, and will show something of a different side with the upcoming Blood River - all of which we've spoken of very highly in these pages. After shooting Blood River outside of LA the duo have relocated to Hollywood to try and ply their trade on this side of the ocean and Mason dropped me a note last week with an interesting little proposition.

The pair launched a regular audio podcast that ran through the filming of The Devil's Chair, an experience they enjoyed enough that they'd like to do it again, and they were curious if we here at ScreenAnarchy would be interested in hosting a regular weekly podcast from the two of them charting their travels through Hollywood as a pair of relative outsiders trying to break in to the industry. I'm not stupid. I've met these guys in person a few times and they're as entertaining as they come so, of course, I said yes.

And so, here we have installment number one. It's basically a "Hi, how are you?" sort of introduction to the series, though they do toss some tantalizing bits of news amongst discussion of Simon's raging hangover, and a very good time. So download it below and keep an eye out for future installments.

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Click here for Boyes/Mason Podcast Episode One!

SwarezApril 4, 2008 11:42 PM

Good stuff. Will be looking forward to more of this.