It's Five Minutes Of Madness In The TOKYO GORE POLICE Trailer!

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It's Five Minutes Of Madness In The TOKYO GORE POLICE Trailer!

Strap yourselves in, boys and girls, because things are about to get very, very bloody and very, very strange.

The creative team behind The Machine Girl is back together for Tokyo Gore Police, a cult action-horror starring Audition's Eihi Shiina as a cop forced to battle off a swarm of hideous mutants spawned by a man made virus. Machine Girl effects guru Yoshihiro Nishimura takes the helm for this one, working from a script by the writer Uzumaki while Versus star Tak Sakaguchi handles the action sequences, all of which means this thing has cult credentials like nobody's business. What it also has is an unstoppable string of wildly over the top creature and gore effects washed down by buckets and buckets of blood.

If you've been waiting to get a look at this your wait is over. The first trailer debuted at the recent Yubari Fantastic Film Festival and the producers of the film have been kind enough to give ScreenAnarchy an exclusive first look at that same trailer, all four minutes and forty nine seconds of it. It starts off fairly straight before building to a fever pitch and, good news for fans, as insane as this trailer is it doesn't spoil the biggest shots of the film. Madness, I say. Madness.

You'll find the trailer in the ScreenAnarchy Player below the break, hit the link below for behind the scenes stills and watch for an interview with Nishimura in these pages soon.

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