BABYLON AD Cuts Not As Severe As Feared

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An update here on the status of Mathieu Kassovitz' Babylon AD. We reported a few days back that the film had been cut - and cut deep - by Fox for international release, their version of the film running ninety minutes while the Euro version was reported to hit the 160 minute mark. That ninety minute number is definite as Fox has submitted their cut to the BBFC for certification but we're now hearing that the length of the European version may not be as long as originally reported, suggestions now being made that the European cut will have a run time in the hour and forty five minute - or 105 total minutes - area, which would mean cuts of only fifteen minutes as opposed to seventy. As for the original reported run time of one hundred sixty minutes, word from the production company is that Kassovitz gave that number some time back as a joke.

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Thanks to Mary for the news.