A Poster Arrives For Rodrigo Gudino's Stellar New Short THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MR HOLLOW!

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A Poster Arrives For Rodrigo Gudino's Stellar New Short THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MR HOLLOW!

Very good news here from the offices of Rue Morgue Cinema, where Rodrigo Gudino has just wrapped production on his third short film. This one is a collaboration with animator Vincent Marcone and, having had he chance to see it last week, I can say that this is easily the most striking and distinctive work Gudino has put out to date. And considering the hugely positive response his earlier shorts The Eyes of Edward James and The Demonology of Desire have generated on the international festival circuit, that's saying something. Here's the synopsis:

A single image that tells an entire story, THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW is the groundbreaking new film by Rue Morgue founding editor Rodrigo GudiƱo (The Demonology of Desire, The Eyes of Edward James) and award-winning visual artist Vincent Marcone (MyPetSkeleton.com, Johnny Hollow). The visually stunning film centers on an unusual photograph dating back to the 1930s. An investigation of its particulars reveals a tapestry of secrets hidden in the details, and a tale of kidnapping and murder captured in a haunting moment.

Along with the announcement that the film has been completed, Gudino passed along the first poster art, and you can see a larger version by hitting the link below.

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MikeMarch 22, 2008 6:29 AM

I dig the poster. Have any of his other shorts turned up for viewing anywhere other than at festivals?