Trailer For Argentinian Shocker THE OWNER

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Trailer For Argentinian Shocker THE OWNER

Our thanks go to Broken Hearts and Bones director Nicanor Loreti - check some stills here - for passing along the trailer for countryman Javier Diment's latest offering The Owner. Diment has turned heads with his gritty psychological horror pieces for a little while now and is quickly establishing himself as one of the bright lights of the current wave of Argentinian genre film. His latest was commissioned as part of Argentinian television series 200 Years of Cinema, where it will likely never see broadcast thanks thanks to its graphic imagery and extensive use of sex, violence and snuff imagery.

The story of an aspiring lesbian actress who becomes the object of her landlord's mounting obsession - obsession fueled by the cameras he has installed throughout her apartment - The Owner, while certainly not too shy to shock - is primarily a psychological study of obsession and destruction, one that boasts a pair of very highly regarded Argentinian actors in the leads and very solid - though obviously at the television level - production values. While it may not see broadcast in its home country - that's still up for debate, apparently - Diment and co-director Luis Ziembrowski are trying to get this on to the festival circuit so it may well be hitting an event near you.

The first trailer for this was cut specifically for use in Fangoria but Loreti has gotten us permission to run it here as well. You'll find it in the ScreenAnarchy player below the break.

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